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Unbiased Value Metric

Across Global Markets 


  1. At Lumen, we believe the only and true monetary value of any investment is the sum of the future cash flow discounted back to the net present value. The challenge is to find the "right" discount rate, equivalent to the internal rate of return.
  2. The Lumen Global Value Compass (the Compass) extracts directly from the live market data the Implied Cost of Equity, or the IRR, without using forecasts, subjective assumptions, or flawed theories - simply what is implied and priced in the market.
  3. The Compass' ultimate objective is to measure relative value and rank global value across countries, assets down to individual securities using one single value metric faithful to the most basic law of finance.
  4. More importantly, the Compass is not simply a valuation guidepost but also has many applications including Smart Beta strategy in Emerging Markets, Global Asset Allocation, and wealth management platform.